MVP Sports supports Jefford’s resuscitation of Golden Mile


Guyana’s leading sports apparel and fitness conglomerate, MVP Sports has announced that it will be supporting the latest venture of the Jefford Track and Field Classic organisation to rebrand and resuscitate the historic Golden Mile.

The Jefford Classic Mile, as it is being called, is scheduled to be held around the circuit of the National Park on Sunday March 12 and promises to be an entertaining and competitive event, featuring Guyana’s leading middle-distance athletes.

“Jefford has created an impressive list of successful sports events over the years, and we believe that this one will be no different and MVP Sports wants to ensure that we are visible at what will be a great showcase of local athletics talent,” Managing Director, Ian Ramdeo said.

MVP Sports, which is housed at the Giftland and Amazonia Malls, will sponsor the Under-20 Male and Female categories of the race as well as Gift Vouchers, which will be handed to the Under-14 Male and Female categories of the Jefford Classic Mile.

Founder of the Jefford Track and Field Classic, Edison Jefford said that the venture is largely about resuscitating a prestigious platform for middle-distance athletes. He said that each category of athletics should have a signature event.

“There should always be a platform for each category of athletics where the crème de le crème or the best athletes in that segment is showcased. The South American 10km Road Race does that for distance athletes, but there is no signature event for the middle-distance athletes following the absence of the Golden Mile for some years,” Jefford said.

“The aim is to fill this gap, while resuscitating a prestigious and historic event. We want to bring this back with a lot of hype, which means that the atmosphere and environment must be the best for the athletes since it’s all about them,” he added.

According to the mastermind behind the venture, all the funding for the event will be given to the athletes, offset marketing and administrative costs. He informed that the activity is largely developmental and asks stakeholders to continue to contribute to its success.

“We have written the Guyana Olympic Association and National Sports Commission to jump on board this event to help us. I am confident that they will support this venture just as the Athletics Association is giving us their full support,” Jefford appealed.

He thanked MVP Sports for its efforts, stating that the participants will welcome their support.

MVP Sports was recently recognised for its Corporate Social Responsibility at the National Sports Awards in the category of Corporate Sponsor (Small) for 2021-2022.

The company specialises in providing high quality fitness and athletic apparel like Nike, Under Armour, Skechers, Puma and Adidas for men, ladies and children.

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