Fluctuation in electricity caused Windsor Forest fire, says Fire Service


Investigators have confirmed that the fire which claimed the life of businessman, Rajindra Mohabir at Windsor Forest, West Coast Demerara (WCD), on Sunday was caused by fluctuation in electricity.

“The Fire Department has determined that the fire which claimed the life of Rajindra Mohabir was caused by fluctuations in electricity that led to arcing and sparking at the breaker panel box, subsequently igniting nearby combustibles,” a release from the Guyana Fire Service said.

The fire started at about 14:16hrs at Lot 194 Seventh Street, Windsor Forest.

Mohabir lived in the house with his wife and two sons. The building also housed a grocery store and a small church.

The News Room was informed that there was a power outage and when electricity was returned sometime around 14:00hrs, persons reported that there was a spark in the shop.

A single flat house, located at Lot 197 Seventh Street, Windsor Forest, was also affected by the blaze, the GFS said on Monday.

“Due to radiated heat from the building of origin, a GPL meter and 2 meters of PVC piping were destroyed, while a staircase and western wall were damaged,” the statement from the GFS said.

“Additionally, a wooden and galvanized shed was slightly damaged, while a wooden fence located at Lot 208, Seventh Street, Windsor Forest, was destroyed,” it added.

Four jets, using an open water supply, were used to extinguish the fire.

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