PPP/C finalising candidates for LGE, Opposition facing difficulty on the ground – Jagdeo


The incumbent People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) on Thursday said it was finalising its list of candidates for the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE) with a goal of ensuring that 50 per cent of those representing the party are from its civic component.

But at the same time, the party has taken note of the ill-preparedness of other political bodies including the main opposition People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R).

General Secretary of the PPP/C, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo said the party will contest in all the local authority areas on June 12, 2023, and it has more candidates to do so that it can put on its list.

The party also has its eyes set on municipal areas historically controlled by the PNC/R and will aim to make political inroads there. Jagdeo singled out Georgetown, New Amsterdam and Linden.

“I don’t want to gloat about what the likely outcomes will be.

“No doubts the PPP will do well extremely well in these elections,” Jagdeo said during the press conference from the party’s Robb Street, Georgetown Headquarters – Freedom House.

In a direct appeal, Jadeo said the people who have historically supported the Opposition should reassess their support based on the political party’s ability to deliver on promises.

“We are hoping (for more support) in the city and other areas like New Amsterdam, areas that we have never controlled like Linden.

Jagdeo said the PPP finds the APNU unprepared for the elections and said the AFC has also decided not to contest because of the recent sordid past of attempts to steal the 2020 general and regional elections.

“They have been busy trying to seek candidates to put together a list to contest these elections. They have not received favourable response from many parts of country,” Jagdeo said.

He noted that the unpreparedness of the opposition was reflected in the comments offered by Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton at a press conference that ended shortly before Jagdeo’s began.

Jagdeo said even in 2018, while the APNU+AFC was in government, they were not able to contest all the areas and believes it will be worst for them this time around.

Speaking about track record, Jagdeo said the PPP/C is well on its way to delivering on all its manifesto promises after just three years in office and confronted by a pandemic and other hurdles in the government.

“You can understand my sense of pride when I say we have remained faithful to the promises we campaigned on…there is demonstrated progress in eery single area.”

Jagdeo said the PPP is truly a multi-ethnic party, probably the only one in Guyana, and welcomed all interest to become a part of the political movement.

The PPP/C will officially launch its campaign next month.

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