24-hour electricity for residents of Wauna from April 30


Residents living in the Wauna community in Region One will soon have access to electricity on a 24-hour basis from April 30, the Regional Democratic Council announced on Thursday.

Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley, along with the council, met with residents at the community’s primary school where the announcement was made.

Chairman of Region One, Brentnol Ashley (Photo: Region One RDC)

In an invited comment to the News Room on Friday, the chairman said the upgrade to the electrical grid is part of the government’s 2022 work programme for the region.

The chairman explained that residents currently have access to 10 hours of electricity; the 24-hour service will be subsidised by the government to avoid additional financial burdens on the residents.

“The electricity will be provided for 24 hours through the main grid in Mabaruma,” Ashley said.

He added, “The electricity is subsidised by the government as part of the commitments that were made and so that it will not put additional burdens on the shoulders of residents but rather we will seek to enhance the economic activity of these communities through the provision of electricity.”

Further, the community will benefit from a new water well. The water drilling rig arrived in Mabaruma and the first well project has commenced at Khan’s Hill.

The project will be replicated at Wauna.

“In Wauna, residents are relying on the Wanina pump station which provides for several villages. When this project comes to be, it will ensure that every resident has access to potable water,” the chairman explained.

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