Mae Thomas confirms U.S visa revoked


See below statement issued by Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Mae Toussaint Jnr. Thomas:

I wish to refer to speculation, both in the Print and Social Media, about my interface recently with US Immigration officials at Miami International Airport on April 8, 2023. Most of what has been reported is erroneous.

I wish to clarify that I was referred for a “routine secondary check”. There was a misunderstanding over my official cell phone without me being able to advise my officials. I advised that the cellphone be sent to the Minister of Home Affairs, Honourable Robeson Benn in Guyana.

Thereafter, I was allowed the choice of entering the United States of America or continuing on my journey- which last I opted to so do.

Subsequently, during my return journey I was advised that my US visa was revoked on the 10th April, 2023 and that I would have to make alternative arrangements to return to Guyana.

I remain open to engaging with US authorities on any possible travel arrangements to the USA in the future.

Ms. Mae Toussaint Jnr. Thomas

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Home Affairs

April 26, 2023

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