Ganesh Jaigobin elected President of Essequibo Chamber of Commerce


Businessman, Ganesh Jaigobin was on Sunday elected President of the Essequibo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Chamber held its Annual General Meeting and elected the full council that will serve the body.

Dhanraj Singh was elected as the Vice President, Verina Rasheed as Secretary, Sheleenie Sukhdeo as Treasurer and Rawle Pierce as the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer. The Committee members are Balram Sukhnandan, Tagewattie Ahlam, Parmanand Singh, Chandreka Narine, Nateram Ramanan, Chandresheker Sharma, Ravi Persaud, Deoshanker Mohan, Swetlana Kingston and Colleen Prince.

Jaigobin expressed his gratitude for being elected to serve the organisation. The businessman, whose businesses employ over 120 people, said he looks forward to working with the executive of the ECCI, the Regional Democratic Council and the government to improve more businesses and bring about positive changes in the society. Mr Jaigobin urged the gathering to be supportive and work hard with him and his team to resuscitate the organisation.

Also present were the Regional Chairperson Mrs. Vilma De Silva, Regional Vice Chairman Mr Humace Oodit and Regional Executive Officer Ms Susanah Saywack.

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