Unlimited talk, text and data as ENet rolls out 4G/5G mobile services

--new test drive campaign to allow for free trials


ENet, Guyana’s only 100% locally owned telecommunications company – and the newest mobile telecoms provider – has announced “unlimited talk, text and data” Orange Plans on its recently-built 4G/5G VoLTE (Voice over LTE) network.

ENet is offering any of its plans free of charge so that persons can “test drive” the network in the first phase of its launch. ENet recommends that customers use a VoLTE-compatible phone to maximise the use of its network. VoLTE is currently available on all Apple iPhones and select Android models. 5G is available on select Android handsets.

“Unlimited talk, text, and data” means that ENet’s mobile subscribers can make and receive unlimited calls and SMS to other ENet customers and use unlimited data for the duration of their plans.

Persons can sign up at the following ENet locations: Camp Street; Giftland Mall; Amazonia Mall, MovieTowne and Cornelia Ida on the West Coast of Demerara.

ENet has also included off-network calls and SMS allocations (calls and SMS to other providers), and international calls and SMS in its Orange Plans.

ENet will also offer Data Only plans, allowing users with dual-sim devices to use ENet data while keeping their existing voice plan. ENet will support both eSIMs and physical SIMs.

ENet’s network is expected to be a game-changer by delivering a unique value proposition that enables a digital transformation. Cellphone users will no longer be constricted by expensive and limited data allocations. Communication will also improve as people gain access to affordable Orange Plans and never have to pay for on-network voice calls again.

ENet’s 30-Day Orange Plans are:

Mobile data will be allocated in accordance with the company’s Fair Use Policy to ensure that services are not abused or used for broadband purposes. This is aligned with international standards for personal-use plans.

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