‘Is just a lil hustle’ – Gold miner busted with ganja


Akeem Charles, a 26-year-old gold miner of Tabatinga, Lethem, Region Nine (Upper Takutu- Upper Essequibo), was caught with 516.3 grammes (or just over one pound) of marijuana on Thursday.

Police Headquarters said a raid exercise was conducted at Charles’ house where three white plastic bags containing a quantity of leaves, stems, seeds and 59 transparent ziploc bags filled with more leaves, stems and seeds were found.

Some of the narcotics found (Photo: Guyana Police Force)

Officers suspected the items were marijuana.

As such, Charles was reportedly told of the offence committed and cautioned. But he reportedly replied, “Is just a lil hustle, Officer.”

The man was arrested and taken to the Lethem Police Station where the marijuana was weighed in his presence. They were placed into an evidence bad and lodged at the station.

Charles is in custody and is slated to be charged next week.

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