Death of Sir Mars: Police recover two knives from scene, Mars was trying to escape being stabbed


The sudden and gruesome death of secondary school deputy Principal Kirwyn Mars on Sunday night has sent shockwaves across the nation. Mars, also known as Sir Mars, was found pinned between his car and an apartment building fence in Perseverance, East Bank Demerara, with his body crushed and covered in blood.

Police, in its official report on Monday, revealed that two knives were recovered from the scene. Mars was found with multiple lacerations and stab wounds to his face, hands, head, shoulder, and other parts of his body.

According to the Police, the incident occurred at about 22:30hrs on Sunday by an unidentifiable man armed with a knife.

Police said investigations revealed that Mars and the suspect had a “misunderstanding” that escalated inside the vehicle. As a result, both parties armed themselves with knives and stabbed each other.

Mars exited the vehicle in an attempt to escape but the suspect reversed the vehicle into Mars and pinned him to the fence.

The suspect then exited the vehicle and escaped in a southern direction on foot. Regional Commander Mahendra Singh told the News Room that they are pursuing the suspect.

Sir Mars joined the teaching profession in 1992. He was also an actor and comedian. He was the deputy principal at the New Central High School in Georgetown.


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  1. Don A Gomes says

    Sad.Police must catch the murderer.Lock down for life,since guyana don’t hang criminals anymore.

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