Teixeira hails Guyana’s Parliamentary & Constitutional reform as ‘most progressive’ in the region


Despite the many challenges over the past decades, Guyana continues to evolve and has made significant strides especially as it relates to democracy and human rights and freedom, according to Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Gail Teixeira.

She was at the time speaking at a reception held on Thursday evening to commemorate the Parliament of Guyana’s 70 years as an elected Assembly.

Teixeira said the Parliament played a “critical” role in the formation of Guyana as a newly independent country, noting that while history shall not be “whitewashed,” Guyana’s parliamentary and constitutional reform stands as the “most progressive” in the region.

“Democracy is at the heart of what we as Guyanese have struggled for. Independence…that we struggle for. And later, we would struggle for constitutional rule and constitutional reform and despite all the struggles that we have in Guyana… If we put aside all these times, we are indeed a blessed and unique country,” she said.

Speaker of the National Assembly, Manzoor Nadir (seated second from right); British High Commissioner, Jane Miller (centre) and Government Ministers, including Juan Edghill (first from left), Sonia Parag (second from left) and Gail Teixeira (first from right) were among those present (Photo: Shaconeil Burnette/News Room/May 18, 2023)

According to Teixeira, the goal is to work towards returning to the days when Parliamentarians could reach conscientious on national issues.

“We haven’t done badly in 70 years. We have done well with much more to go and if we continue to uphold constitutional rule and defend democracy and defend human rights and protect and promote human rights in our country, we will be safe, we will be developed, and achieve what I believe is now the golden era of Guyana where we can transform and really achieve the best that our people deserve,” Teixeira added.

Among those present at the reception were Government Ministers and members of the Opposition as well as members of the diplomatic corps.

In brief remarks, British High Commissioner, Jane Miller said as Guyana continues to evolve, the National Assembly remains instrumental in setting the country’s course.

A section of the gathering at the event which was held on the lawns of the Parliament Buildings (Photo: Shaconeil Burnette/News Room/May 18, 2023)

The British diplomat said the nation’s commitment to constitutional and electoral reforms has been commendable, ensuring a more inclusive and participatory democracy.

She said the UK will continue to work with the government and other stakeholders to promote democratic values, strengthen institutions and foster inclusive and sustainable development.

“The journey towards democracy in Guyana has been a testament to the resilience and the determination of the Guyanese people has not been without challenges but the progress made over seven decades, is something about the unwavering spirit of the Guyanese nation,” Miller said.

“As we reflect on the achievements of the past we must also look to the future. The challenges we face require united and a comprehensive approach by fostering open dialogue, collaboration and respect for human rights and we can address this together to build that prosperous future for all,” she added.

Opposition Member of Parliament, Volda Lawrence (Photo: Shaconeil Burnette/News Room/May 18, 2023)

Meanwhile, delivering remarks on behalf of the Opposition Leader, Aubrey Norton was Opposition Member of Parliament, Volda Lawrence, who said the achievements of the National Assembly must be celebrated especially in the areas of human rights and freedom and diplomacy.

The achievements, Lawrence said is owed to collaboration and bipartisan with the Parliament.

“For too long the national assembly has been used as a tool of executive aggression and repression. Therefore, the Opposition will continue to be resolute in ushering in a new dispensation, a new culture within the national assembly, a culture of mature leadership…and working relationship with stakeholders,” Lawrence said.

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