Police outpost, drainage among interventions for Malgre Tout/Meer- Zorgen NDC

−over 50 roads to be built in Parfaite Harmonie


Residents within the Malgre Tout/Meer-Zorgen NDC, Region Three will soon benefit from several interventions following a community meeting led by President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali on Saturday.

Concerns relating to healthcare, agriculture, infrastructure, and drainage, among others, were expressed and met with on-the-spot and long-term solutions.

The President committed to providing the community with a police outpost to curb crime and to examine the squatting area for possible construction of footpaths.

“We will follow up on all these issues, and by Friday, you should have a police outpost in the area,” he said.

Further, Second Street Goed Fortuin is slated for full reconstruction and a mobile pump will be installed at the community’s sluice to improve drainage.

Additionally, the head of state disclosed that some $1.3 billion has been awarded for road works in Parfaite Harmonie, which will see over 50 roads being built.

Moreover, as government plans to improve the country’s overall drainage system, President Ali disclosed plans to create a new outfall on the West Bank of Demerara to enhance drainage in the area. This will promote the continuous flow of water out of flood-affected communities.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali

The President said, “To add to this, we will have to develop, redesign, in many cases, and rehabilitate internal drainage systems. As we get more revenue coming in, we are changing a lot of these drainage systems to concrete drainage so we don’t have the siltation, and so that drainage is improved.”

President Ali highlighted that Region Three is slated for tremendous development, highlighting the massive impact that will be had on the region’s economic development upon completion of several large-scale projects, such as the Schoonord to Crane highway and the gas-to-energy project.

Residents turned out in their numbers to voice their concerns

The President stated that government is focusing on community development, which, he added, requires the engagement of residents and regional leaders.

“One of the things we pride ourselves on as a government is our ability to connect with people, listen to people, analyse their concerns, and then act on them. We don’t want communities to miss out on these opportunities. We want communities to also develop,” he noted.

As part of this agenda for community development, President Ali also noted that next year will see the implementation of a national plan to place streetlights in all community streets across the country to improve security. (DPI)

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