Mahdia tragedy: Affected parents lament hurtful social media posts


Several parents of children who died in the horrific fire at the Mahdia Secondary School dorm expressed gratitude for the show of support they have been receiving over the past week.

But even as many people have shown their support and made thoughtful gestures, families have complained about hurtful social media posts that are adding to their woes.

One mother who spoke to President Irfaan Ali on Sunday night at State House in Georgetown said she is hurt by persons on social media questioning the parents’ decision to come to Georgetown and participate in various activities.

“This is a time for us to be together,” the mother said, urging people to desist from making hurtful comments on social media.

In response, the Head of State told the families that he has already asked citizens to keep their opinions and early analyses off of social media.

He made this request during an address to the nation last week on Facebook during which he also asked Guyanese to remain in sympathy with those directly affected by the fire that destroyed the Mahdia Secondary School dorms, killing 18 students and a five-year-old boy.

With such hurtful comments still being made, the President urged the families to refrain from using social media as far as possible.

“Many of you raised the hurt that you are feeling about what people are posting on social media… If you can, ignore social media,” the President said Sunday night.

The President also clarified that all decisions the government has made thus far has been in consultations with the parents. He also highlighted that government ministers have been frequently engaging the affected families, so much so that the families have asked for these ministers and other public sector workers to take some time for themselves.

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  1. Annette K Bacchus says

    This is such a horrible tragedy. My deepest condolences to the parents and their loved ones who lost their children. I hope the Government and the Minister in charge of Indigenous Affairs are meeting with the parents to offer their support. I am so saddened that once again, our Indigenous people continue to suffer so much atrocities in South America, Canada, the US, the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.

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