Boxing coach Moore completes IBA One-Star Coaching Course


Clifton Moore, the head trainer of the Vergenoegen Boxing Gym in Region Three, has become the latest technical officer of the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) to be globally certified, as he successfully completed the International Boxing Association (IBA) Online One-Star Coaching Course.

Moore’s success was confirmed and communicated by an official release from IBA Development Officer Chris Roberts OBE to GBA President, Steve Ninvalle.

Moore is the second coach under the umbrella of the GBA to participate in IBA certification training, after three-star trainer Sebert Blake was afforded the opportunity to partake in the IBA Cutman Technician Course, which was conducted at the Women’s World Championship in New Delhi, India from March 15 to 31.

Moore was among 39 participants at the prestigious forum. The countries that were represented included Bermuda, Iran, New Zealand, Chinese Taipei, England, Cape Verde, Belgium, Italy, Namibia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Singapore, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago and Zambia.

The course occurred from April 4 to 12 via the online platform Zoom. The IBA One-Star Coaching Certification begins the pathways for emerging trainers to ascertain international accreditations under the governing body.

GBA President Ninvalle said, “This is another developmental chapter in our playbook, and represents another investment in the long-term growth of our proud sport. As an association, our mandate is to develop our technical officers. This decree is an unwavering pledge as better equipped and knowledgeable officials will produce talented students and the only way we can equip our trainers with the required knowledge in an ever-evolving environment is through international certification and training which is an immutable best practice of the modern world.”

According to Ninvalle, “The GBA understands that the development of the sport is a collective effort, and can only be achieved with trainers through certification and boxers via international competition.”

He added, “Guyana, evidenced by its performances in the region, is a leading light in the English-speaking Caribbean, and in order for us to maintain that edge and dominance, we must strive to empower the personnel that is pivotal in sustaining and maintaining that reality. Trainers are an important cog and we will continue our developmental agenda of developing their requisite and respective faculties, which only benefit the discipline. Congratulations to Mr. Clifton Moore. May this be the first of many international glories!”

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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    My congratulations go out to you Mr. Clifton Moore for successfully completing the IBA One-Star Coaching course. Do keep up the good work as you continue to strive for excellence. We are all.ptoufvof your success

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