New Anna Regina Hospital to fill healthcare gaps

….Pres. Ali says as he seeks E/bo support in upcoming Local Gov’t polls


President Dr. Irfaan Ali spoke directly to scores of Region Two (Pomeroon- Supenaam) residents on Tuesday, urging them to vote for candidates of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) at the upcoming Local Government Elections.

And as he courted the voters, Dr. Ali promised them that people in the region would benefit from improved health services at the forthcoming Anna Regina Hospital.

“We’ve identified the gaps at the Suddie hospital and they are working with international consultants to fill those gaps so that the level of services in this region could continue to be improved,” Dr. Ali said at a meeting in Anna Region.

The new hospital is slated for Anna Regina and it will be one of six new hospitals being constructed across the country. The Suddie Hospital is also undergoing improvements.

But improved health services aren’t the only developments people of the region can look forward to, the President said.

Greater employment opportunities, especially for women, through the construction of new call centres in the region and other measures to increase people’s disposable income, were promised.

Supporters of the PPP/C at Anna Regina (Photo: Facebook/ June 6, 2023)

The June 12 Local Government polls will see people voting for representatives in their communities and constituencies. These local leaders are tasked with solving community problems while advocating for communities’ interests on the regional and national levels.

And President Ali believes that the PPP/C candidates in the region if elected, will help his administration implement its agenda.

As he continued to engage voters in supporting these candidates, he reminded the gathering of what has already been done by the central government.

According to him, almost 800 new house lots were distributed in the region. Additionally, significant funds have been spent to improve drainage and irrigation in the region; the Pomeroon- Supenaam region is heavily dependent on farming.

This year too, he said about 14,000 children in the region will each benefit from the government’s $40,000 ‘Because We Care’ cash grant. Overall, that amounts to some $560 million being injected into the region. The nationwide distribution of this cash grant started on Monday.

With these interventions, the Head of State believes his political party has been doing enough to convince people to support it. Even so, Dr. Ali said the PPP/C is not pushing any “partisan message”; instead, he believes they are championing the country’s development.

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