Amaya Milk product in returnable glass bottles now available at leading supermarkets


The Amaya Milk Company has announced the product, which is sold in returnable glass bottles, is now available at most leading supermarkets such as Mattai’s Supermarket, Massy Megastores, Freshco and Foodmax supermarkets.

See below full statement issued by the company:

The Amaya Milk Company is pleased to announce that Amaya Milk is now on the market. Currently, there are several locations where persons can purchase fresh Amaya Milk with more to come on stream soon.

Amaya Milk can be found at Mattai’s Supermarket, Chand’s Service Station (Shell Gas Station) Ogle, Massy Megastores, Cost Cutters, Freshco, and Foodmax supermarkets.

“I am extremely pleased that we can finally bring our milk to market. It has been a long but rewarding process and I am excited about the positive impact our milk will have on the local market and the local dairy industry. Amaya’s Milk is fresh, creamy and tasty. It is the purest and most nutritional milk on the market, filled with essential minerals and vitamins, to deliver a healthy refreshing drink to all,” CEO of Amaya Milk Company, Omkaar Sharma said.

Milk is valued as a complete protein source as it contains all the nine essential amino acids. Milk is abundant in minerals like calcium and phosphorus that are required for strong bones and teeth. Milk is imbued with essential vitamins including B12.

Amaya Milk is sold in returnable glass bottles and is ready for immediate consumption straight from the bottle.

Mr. Sharma noted that the company chose returnable glass bottle because they are more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

“Customer will need to pay a bottle deposit the first time they make a purchase, but for subsequent purchases, they only need to bring back their empty and they will be credited the bottle deposit on that purchase”.

So be sure to pick up a bottle of Amaya Milk from any of the leading supermarkets mentioned, and enjoy the fresh, pure, wholesome goodness that can only be found in a bottle of Amaya Milk.

Amaya Milk: Bringing Fresh Back!

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  1. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    Certainly a major improvement from those undrinkable, atrocious can milk. I wish Amaya well.

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