Water filtration systems for Reg. One community compliments of Rotary Demerara


It is a common saying, “Water is life,” and the residents of Imbotero, an Indigenous Community in Region One, now have 90 bucket filtration systems, compliments of a donation from the Rotary Club of Demerara.

Due to a partnership with the Rotary District 7030 Grant and the assistance of Toshao Anthony Lewis, the Rotary Club of Demerara provided access to safe drinking water to approximately 85 households, comprising a population of over 400 people.

President-Elect Lancelot Khan and a resident in all smiles

The filters, purchased from Sawyer Products Incorporated, have been successfully utilized worldwide in many communities to provide residents with safe drinking water.

The club noted that the filters are small, easily portable, and can be attached to a standard faucet tap or hose spigot.

Additionally, water can be stored in a simple 20-liter bucket. The filters can filter more than 500 gallons of water daily, and proper use and maintenance will allow this filter to be used for more than ten years.

Despite the community being 400 kilometers from Georgetown, numerous Rotarians undertook the arduous journey to deliver, assemble and demonstrate proper use and maintenance to the residents.

Imbotero is an indigenous Warrau / Warao village and is close to Guyana and Venezuela


Infrastructure is limited, as most villagers live in traditional thatched roofs and semi-open benabs and many residents travel via boat or canoe on the creek/river that runs through the village.

President-Elect and former President Hansraj Singh explaining how the filtration system works

Anecdotal evidence also indicates that the village has seen its share of Venezuelan refugees crossing the border and settling or passing through the village.

One of Rotary International’s seven areas of focus is Water & Sanitation. While such projects aim to fulfill this, there is the bonus of supporting other vital areas such as Maternal and Child Health and Disease Prevention and Eradication.

The effort was spearheaded by President-Elect Lancelot Khan, Rotarian Hance Thompson, Foundation Chair Dr. Keisha Chin, and President Indira Mattai, and the aim is to replicate this project in a similar Region One Community later in the year.

Furthermore,  Rotary Demerara expressed thanks to their key partners for helping to execute the life-changing project.

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