MMG now accepted at GUYOIL stations

-tax free phones can help accelerate mobile payments


Mobile Money Guyana (mmg) has announced that customers can now use their mobile wallets to make payments for fuel, lubricants, and other products and services available at GUYOIL’s eight company-owned service stations and at its Adventure Depot.

The locations are Palmyra, Providence, Diamond, Regent Street, Sheriff Street, Victoria, Kitty, Heathburn and Adventure.

General Manager of mmg, Bobita Ram, during her remarks at the launch activity held GUYOIL’s Providence location, said that the collaboration offers a seamless and secure digital payment experience for motorists and is a part of the massive expansion of the cashless application to include more vendors and services.

“Using mmg has become a popular and preferred method of payment for many persons, since it tracks spending and simplifies financial transactions, convenience is what customers expect and demand, and this is the solution mmg brings to the table. It is very convenient, and we want to ensure that we bring this offering to more businesses in Guyana.”

Ram also lauded the government for the recent decision to remove all taxes from mobile phones as she encouraged motorists to download the application to get started with their mobile wallet.

Ms. Molly Hassan, General Manager of the Guyana Oil Company Limited said, “We are thrilled to introduce Mobile Money Guyana at our company-owned service stations, as it aligns perfectly with our commitment to enhancing customer experience through innovation.”

Hassan added that, “This new mobile payment service empowers our customers with a convenient and secure way to make fuel purchases, streamlining their daily transactions and enabling them to fuel up quickly.”

To ensure the widespread adoption of mmg, the two companies partnered extensively to train all service station staff, ensuring that they are well-equipped to assist customers with any queries or concerns regarding the mobile payment service.

Hassan said the launch of mmg at the GUYOIL service stations underscores the company’s commitment to leveraging technology to deliver cutting-edge solutions and elevate customer experience.

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