New complaints centre coming for citizens to report faults at public facilities


The government will soon set up a new complaints centre for citizens to report issues or faults at public facilities, President Dr. Irfaan Ali said on Thursday.

Dr. Ali, while addressing the newly sworn-in members of the Public Service Commission, highlighted his government’s plan to ensure that all public facilities, such as health centres, have basic standards in place.

Those standards include proper waiting areas and clean washroom facilities.

And, the administrators of these public facilities will be tasked with ensuring that those standards are maintained at all times. The Head of State hinted at possible sanctions if those standards are not maintained.

Beyond that, however, the President said a central complaints centre will be created as an avenue for people to share their concerns or report faults.

“There will be a national call centre (to handle) the way they (people) were treated and the way they felt.

“…That is the system we are discussing in cabinet,” Dr. Ali said.

Dr. Ali said such plans are necessary to ensure that the public service is made more efficient and reliable.

According to him, Guyana’s public service is filled with talented workers but people’s attitudes and work culture must change so that the services provided are delivered more efficiently and reliably.

“The people’s business must not be held hostage to slothful bureaucracy,” the President said sternly.

He also said these workers must be held accountable. As such, he said the PSC cannot be a ceremonial body.

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