V-Net, Clarus Networks partner to provide STARLINK Maritime Connectivity


V-Net Communications has partnered with The Clarus Networks Group, an authorized reseller of STARLINK services based in the UK, to offer reliable maritime connectivity to Guyana.

In a release, V-Net stated that the company recognizes the critical need for reliable connectivity in the maritime industry, aiming to meet the growing demand for connectivity in the Oil & Gas and Maritime sectors in Guyana, South America, and the Caribbean.

STARLINK offers cost-effective, high-speed, low-latency global coverage for seas and oceans.

Under a new agreement, V-Net will deploy and support “STARLINK Maritime” connectivity services, while both companies will collaborate to enhance their offerings in their respective market sectors.

With V-Net’s expertise in serving the local and regional markets, especially in rural and hinterland areas, the release shared that the company is well-equipped to handle distribution, installations, and technical support for this service.

STARLINK offers cost-effective, high-speed, low-latency global coverage for seas and oceans

“We believe communication is key in the growth and development of all major sectors, especially for those with little to no connectivity. This partnership enables us to offer STARLINK to our clients where there is a need for connectivity at sea, ensuring that businesses get the connection they need to thrive”, V-Net’s Founder & CEO, Safraz Sheriffudeen said.

Warren dos Reis Marques, Channel Partner Manager at Clarus, commented: “We’re delighted to partner with V-Net and leverage their expertise in this region. This partnership strengthens both companies’ abilities to deliver comprehensive connectivity solutions and meet the diverse needs of our customers.  Working together, we can reach a wider audience, expand market reach, and increase the adoption of STARLINK services in South America and the Caribbean.”

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