Manniram Prashad elected Public Service Commission Chairman, will also be part of Judicial & Police Commissions


Manniram Prashad was elected the Chairperson of the newly-sworn-in Public Service Commission (PSC) on Thursday and will automatically be part of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) and the Police Service Commission.

Prashad previously served as a Minister of Trade and Tourism; he is currently the Head of the Guyana Oil and Gas Energy Chamber.

“As a result of this election as Chair of the PSC, automatically I will be serving as a member of the JSC and the Police Service Commission. That’s part of the constitution.

“So I look forward to working with all stakeholders in the interest of moving our country forward in all areas,” Prashad told the News Room in an invited comment.

According to Article 198 of the Constitution, the members of the JSC include the Chancellor of the Judiciary, the Chief Justice, the Chairman of the Public Service and at least two members, including a Judge and lawyer who are not in active practice.

On Wednesday, President Dr. Irfaan Ali also said the reconstitution of the PSC will pave the way for the JSC and the finalisation of the Police Service Commission.

The JSC, which has not been reconstituted since 2017, is tasked with advising the President on the appointment of Judges with the exception of the Chancellor of the Judiciary and the Chief Justice.

And several public figures, including judicial officers, have lamented the dire need for more Judges to dispose of criminal proceedings in a timely manner since the number of cases on trial has increased significantly over the years. This impacts the efficient delivery of justice.

Meanwhile, Article 210 of the Constitution says the Police Service Commission shall consist of a Chairman appointed by the President, acting after meaningful consultation with the Leader of the Opposition; the Chairman of the Public Service Commission and four members. These four members are appointed by the President upon nomination by the National Assembly after consultation with relevant bodies.

Therefore, Prashad will indeed serve on these two Commissions as well.

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