With Palmyra set to become a ‘mini city,’ more than $7B being spent on land preparatory works


Palmyra is among several areas in Region Six (East Berbice- Corentyne) being developed for residential and commercial purposes.

And Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal said his ministry is spending more than $10 billion in land development works in the region altogether, with the lion’s share going to Palmyra, a whopping $7 billion.

Croal, while speaking to residents at an event in the region on Monday, said several areas are being developed for people to live in.

To facilitate the development, some $1.2 billion is currently being invested in the No. 75 scheme for infrastructure works; another $2 billion is being invested in the No. 76 scheme.

At Palmyra, there will be a new stadium, hotels and hundreds of houses. Croal said a majority of the funds are being invested in land clearance and land preparation works there.

In February, contracts for work in Palmyra worth $5.2 billion were inked.

It was also noted that in an effort to fast-track the homeownership process, some 100 houses were constructed at Hampshire and another 100 (76 nearing completion) at Ordnance Fortlands.

Since 2020, over 1,200 house lots have been allocated to Region Six residents. Minister Croal further stated that the Ministry through CHPA is also seeking to acquire more land to satisfy the region’s housing demand.

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  1. Derek De Souza says

    great 👌 news… keep up the development in Guyana… people suffered enough over the years gone.

    I say use the oil money 💰💰 and develop Guyana and it’s people

    put Guyana on the world 🌍 map now not tomorrow… NOW

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