More Bartica residents to get water from GWI


The Guyana Water Inc (GWI) is moving to establish a new water source to serve residents of the Five Mile Housing Scheme and the new housing development at Seven Mile, Bartica, Region Seven.

GWI Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Shaik Baksh, accompanied by Hinterland Service Director, Ramchand Jailall, Water Quality Specialist, Dr Deon Anderson, and other technical officers on Friday visited several sites in the mining town that can be used as a viable water source.

Once the source is identified, GWI will install a transmission line and construct a small treatment plant and storage facilities to ensure reliable access to and quality water for residents of Five and Seven Miles.

The utility is hoping to complete this project early next year.

Bartica, the gateway to the interior, is a bustling town with a growing population. Cognizant of these developments, GWI is making every effort to provide improved services to residents of the township. (GWI press release)

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