Praetorian Executive Protection Services launches corporate security consultancy division


See the statement from the Praetorian Executive Protection Services Inc. (PEPS):

Praetorian Executive Protection Services Inc. (PEPS), a leading security services provider, is proud to introduce its new division, Corporate Security Consultancy (CSC).

PEPS is a Guyanese-owned security services company with headquarters in Georgetown. Since its establishment in 2018, the company has successfully operated three divisions:

Executive Protection, Static Guarding, and First Aid Training. With the addition of the CSC division, PEPS is further enhancing its service portfolio to meet the evolving security needs of its diverse clientele.

The CSC division will focus on providing a range of advisory services, including corporate investigations, risk analysis, asset recovery, and enterprise risk assessments. PEPS has successfully executed projects regionally, from Trinidad and Tobago to internationally in Mexico, showcasing its expertise and expanding its footprint across borders.

Backed by an exceptional leadership team with extensive military backgrounds, PEPS is committed to offering the highest quality advisory services. Dallas Thomas, CEO and a 20-year veteran of the US Army, leads the organisation alongside Melissa Vieira, a former US Air Force veteran with 20 years of experience, and Terrence Hubbard, a 5-year veteran of the US Marine Corps.

According to Mr. Thomas, “The competitiveness of Guyana’s rapidly changing economy is undergoing significant transformation. With this comes a rise in corporate espionage and theft of intellectual property. Companies can mitigate these risks by leveraging PEPS’ Corporate Security Consultancy Services to advise them on how to navigate and de-risk themselves of these threats. ”

We invite organisations across various sectors, including telecommunications, oil & gas and investment firms, to leverage the advisory services of the CSC division. To learn more about Praetorian Executive Protection Services and its new Corporate Security Consultancy division, contact +592 679-7807 or email Visit our website at for additional information.

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  1. RtP says

    A few words of Caution: Be carefull of certain types of – Military Trained – Field Experience – Mind Set – Procedures –
    I have seen to Private Security Personnel in Guyana ( some very young which questions their training/experience ) Armed and Carrying Automatic Rifles as if it’s a toy, their finger flexing uncommonly near the weapon’s trigger. These weapons do not have discretion as to who to KILL when it comes into use.
    Why is the PISTOL not in use as a first means of deterent ?

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