Five boats, engines handed over to Pomeroon communities


The Department of Education in collaboration with the Region Two Administration on Wednesday handed over five boats with engines to three communities in the Pomeroon River, Region Two.

The communities that benefited are Wakapoa, Kabakaburi and Friendship.

Wakapoa and Kabakaburi received two boats each with engines while Friendship received one.

The boats are intended to benefit hundreds of children with free transportation to get to and from school. The handing over was done at Charity Waterfront.

At the handing ceremony were Region Two Chairperson Vilma De Silva, Regional Vice Chairman Humace Oodit, Prime Minister Representative Arnold Adams and Regional Education Officer Shondellle Hercules.

According to Hercules, some 14 boats and engines were purchased by the region with more to be handed over in the coming months.

Toshoas of Wakapoa and Kabakaburi communities expressed gratitude for the intervention

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