‘Shouting from the sidelines’ – Jagdeo criticises Opposition’s failure to help manage oil funds


Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo criticised the APNU+AFC parliamentary opposition for its failure to effectively participate in the management of Guyana’s Natural Resource Fund.

Jagdeo, at a press conference held at Freedom House in Georgetown, acknowledged that Guyana’s 2021 Natural Resource Fund Act requires a nominee of the Opposition Leader to be on the Fund’s Investment Committee.

In August 2022, Finance Executive Shaleeza Shaw was appointed the Chairperson of the Investment Committee. Michael Munroe and Richard Rambarran are other members of this committee.

But Jagdeo said there is no nominee from the Opposition Leader.

“They should be there because that body has an important role to play.

“… They’ve chosen an approach to stay on the sidelines and shout rather than to be part of the engagement where they can exercise true oversight,” the Vice President lamented, however.

Still, he said the government is moving ahead with plans for the management of the oil and gas sector. Next week, he said the government could table the Petroleum Activities Bill in the National Assembly.

At that time, he hopes the parliamentary opposition will meaningfully participate in the discussions for this Bill.

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