Gov’t welcomes private sector investment in infrastructure – Min. Singh


The government is welcoming private investment in public infrastructure as it contributes to the administration’s vision of transforming Guyana with the recent economic expansion.

In the past, public infrastructure has always been viewed as the government’s responsibility, but now there have been many investments by private companies in the sector.

And, according to Senior Minister in the Office of the President with Responsibility for Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh institutions like IDB Invest can play a meaningful role in the local developmental push.

Dr. Singh was at the time speaking at an engagement held with IDB Invest and private sector entities some weeks ago, where he also alluded to investments in public infrastructure, healthcare, and educational services.

“There was a time when we would have thought that schools and hospitals were government business, we have in the room today private providers of educational services, providers of healthcare services …. and we welcome this,” the senior minister expressed.

In April, a multi-million-dollar private hospital was commissioned by President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali at Leonora.

The medical institution brings healthcare access closer to those residing in Region Three and complements the government’s commitment to increasing access to quality healthcare.

This is just one example where private investments are being pumped into public infrastructure.

Minister Singh also alluded to the many opportunities found in Guyana’s economic landscape, in which private companies can flourish.

“We’re at a particular moment now in Guyana when in every single sector of economic endeavour, there are opportunities for growth and expansion,” he explained.

Minister Singh also reiterated the call to the local private sector to capitalise on the many opportunities available. (DPI)

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