interCaribbean airlines’ woes require urgent attention- Honourary Consul


See below the full statement from Guyana’s Honourary Consul in Antigua and Barbuda, Robert Reis:

The Guyana Honorary Consul in Antigua and Barbuda, Robert Reis, wishes to express deep concern over recent customer service experiences reported in connection with InterCaribbean Airlines.

In the past six weeks, complaints have surfaced regarding cancelled and delayed flights across several destinations served by the airline. There is growing concern over what appears to be inadequate attention to these matters by the airline and its handling agents. Affected travelers report a lack of empathy and accountability, matters that must be addressed promptly.

It has come to the attention of the Honorary Consul that compensation has not been provided to travelers inconvenienced in Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia, and Guyana. This has resulted in unjust additional financial burdens as passengers are forced to find alternative travel arrangements at their own expense.

Mr. Reis particularly emphasizes the experiences of the Guyanese community traveling from Tortola, BVI, Montserrat, and Antigua to Guyana. These passengers, often traveling considerable distances with connecting flights, have found themselves significantly affected by these delays and cancellations, costing them additional expenditure and significant inconvenience with no concern being shown for their plight.

With regard to this pressing issue, Mr. Reis respectfully calls on the governments of Antigua and Barbuda and Guyana to engage with InterCaribbean Airlines. Since permission for the airline to operate within the region has been granted by these governments, they are rightfully positioned to insist that the contractual service agreements are honored.

Recent incidents, such as the stranding of a family including small children from Montserrat at the VC Bird International Airport in Antigua and the excessive delays and flight cancellations, faced by passengers, underscore the urgency of this matter. The additional costs incurred by travelers and the seeming indifference from handling agents only compound the distress.

The Honorary Consul recognizes the role that InterCaribbean Airlines could play in regional travel but he reiterates that to do so, the airline must improve its performance and governments must safeguard the interests of passengers. He commends the Travel Agents Association of Guyana for bringing this matter to their government’s attention.

In closing, Mr. Reis urges all relevant stakeholders to come together to address this situation promptly. It is in the best interest of all parties, especially the traveling public, to ensure that the service provided meets the standards of reliability, empathy, and professionalism that they rightly expect and deserve.

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