Drivers reminded to cover truck trays when transporting materials


See below the full statement from the Ministry of Public Works:

The Ministry of Public Works takes note, and with much concern of the overwhelming number of reports of trucks transporting materials along the public roadways without any covering to prevent such materials from being displaced from their trays.

When materials are displaced, it can impede visibility for other drivers/road users, in addition to changing the driving condition of the road environment, which in many instances resulted in accidents from unsuspecting drivers and riders. As such, truck operators/drivers are advised to have their trays covered when transporting materials such as sand, loam, stones, dirt, garbage, and other loose materials.

This practice is an offence in accordance with Regulation No. 99 of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Regulations, Cap. 51:02, which is enforced by the Guyana Police Force.

Additionally, the actions of truck operators while driving can impact other drivers, inclusive of truck drivers, since the blind spots around trucks are more and trucks will take longer to come to complete stop when compared with smaller vehicles. As such, truck operators are also advised to drive at the required speed limit, and to operate their trucks in a safe manner.

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