Massive East Coast housing development takes shape


Massive housing developments are taking shape along the East Coast of Demerara at La Bonne Intention (LBI) and La Reconnaissance as part of the government’s efforts to provide more housing solutions to Guyanese.

Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal visited both areas on Friday and told reporters that hundreds of new house lots and housing units are being established to help meet the demand for housing in Guyana.

According to him, the new housing area at LBI caters for about 327 houses, a majority of which are elevated structures. Of that number of houses, 287 are under construction.

Workers at the LBI Housing Scheme (Photo: Central Housing and Planning Authority/ August 4, 2023)

Additionally, a private developer is building both a mall and a hotel near the housing scheme.

With the developments there, Croal said, “LBI will be one of the more prime housing schemes that you will find.”

Further east, at La Reconnaissance, at least 1,300 house lots are being developed over a vast tract of land. Croal said 100 low-income houses will be finished there before year end, allowing families to move in soon.

Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal (centre) and other housing officials at the La Reconnaissance (Photo: Central Housing and Planning Authority/ August 4, 2023)

A section of the scheme has been cleared for a new highway, which will connect a number of schemes along the East Coast to the Aubrey Barker Road in Georgetown.

In addition to the continuing infrastructure improvements, which include roads, bridges, and drainage in scheme across the East Coast of Demerara, the route and alignment works have commenced for the highway, connecting Enmore/Foulis to Aubrey Barker Road.

The ongoing phases of development for both projects are valued at about $4.6 billion; works at LBI cost some $2.1 billion while the development at La Reconnaissance is worth about $2.5 billion.

In both areas, the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) will be drilling wells to guarantee that the new residents have adequate access to potable water.

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