Vreed-en-Hoop Shorebase seeking up to 90 local services as operation timeline nears


See below the full statement from Vreed-en-Hoop Shorebase Inc: 

The Vreed-en-Hoop Shorebase Inc. ( VEHSI) has started to look for even more local service providers as it begins to move closer to the December completion date. Today, as the last pile was driven and the Galileo Galilei finished reclamation, the company published a request for information to identify local service providers for between 30-90 services. VEHSI says that it has placed a premium on local content providers in its request for Foundational and Facility Management Services for its shore base in Region3 and additional services in region 4.

The request for information covers both technical and commercial services. Among some of the areas in which service providers are required include maintenance, repair, cleaning, and servicing of various systems such as water, HVAC, electrical, gas, and generator systems, along with general maintenance such as gardening and pest control. Other related services may also be required.

The company in the RFI also highlighted that “local content strategy is a fundamental part of our operations at VEHSI. We are dedicated to strengthening workforce and supplier capacities within our local community. During the bidding process, potential contractors are expected to showcase their understanding of the Local Content Act (2021) and how it applies to their range of work.” We encourage VEHSI contractors to utilize the resources provided by the Centre for Local Business Development (CLBD) and report performance metrics to VREED-EN-HOOP SHORE BASE INC. (VEHSI).

Guyana’s first artificial island, which is part of the reclaimed land that will be transformed into the estimated 44-acre mega-project to create the shore base






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