President promises additional ferry service for Essequibo, several agriculture projects for Mashabo


President Dr Irfaan Ali announced that his Government will invest in an additional ferry to service the Essequibo-Parika route to unlock the county’s full potential and increase tourism.

The Head of State made the announcement on Friday during a visit to Mashabo Village on the Essequibo Coast, Region 2 (Pomeroon-Supenaam).

“We are going to invest in one additional ferry to service Essequibo so that we can build the full potential of Essequibo and what you can achieve here.”

The President told the residents of Mashabo that he is proud of the tourism product that they are building and that his government will make the necessary investment to ensure that tourism in the village, and by extension, the county of Essequibo, is fully supported.

One way to support this development, the President explained, is by increasing the number of trips between Parika and Essequibo.

“During the Easter holidays, many businesses across Essequibo called me and said that they couldn’t get on the boat. People who were coming to spend a weekend couldn’t get on the boat because there wasn’t enough space available. That is why so we have to fix it. This is how these investments are linked to your community.”

The President also stated that starting in September, a group of individuals from the Joint Services will visit the village to provide training in service-oriented tourism to the youth of the village.

President Irfaan Ali speak to residents of Mashabo. (Photo: DPI/ August 04, 2023)

Sustainable Agriculture

In addition to developing tourism, President Ali outlined several agricultural initiatives to foster a more resilient and sustainable community.

The President announced that his government will be providing six land tillers, farming tools, and equipment to the village in order to assist the farmers in increasing their production.

Stressing the important role women play in agriculture for both the community and the region, the Head of State indicated that Government will also mobilise the women of the community who are under 35 in a cage farming project. He explained that not only will the Government provide the cages, but it will also provide 3,000 fish and access to the market, which will aid in the selling of their products.

In addition to these projects, the President revealed that to boost the community’s egg production, the Government will provide 25 Black Giant layer birds to each household.

“So if you have 3,000 Black Giants, in six months every day you should have 3,000 eggs in the village that now can support the school feeding program, it can support your tourism project, and it can help you also to sell outside of the village.”

The Head of State also announced that the government will support the development of 10 acres of land for pineapple farming. This project will specifically involve the young people of the community.

“We’re working day out, day in to give you all a better shot at life, to improve your circumstances. To give these young children the same opportunity any young child on the coast will have, to give them the same shot at education that any other child on the coast will have.”

Senior Minister within the Office of the President with responsibility for finance, Dr Ashni Singh; Minister of Agriculture,  Zulfikar Mustapha and several regional officials were also part of the meeting. (Extracted and modified from DPI)

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