Couple with six children seeks help to rebuild collapsed house


Months after their house collapsed during a freak storm at Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice, a husband and wife and their six children (ages 8 months to 13 years) are seeking the public’s help to rebuild.

Lack of finances has forced the family to live in the same dilapidated structure.

The current state of the family’s house

Forty-year-old Jennifer Ramkissoon told the News Room that the structure collapsed while she and her children were inside during the month of May; her 5-month-old baby at the time suffered minor injuries.

Ramkissoon noted that after the mishap, authorities from the Region Five RDC and a government Parliamentarian visited and promised to help and while they did give them wood to rebuild, the promise to send labourers has not been fulfilled.

Ramkissoon does domestic work while her husband is a fisherman; she said they do not have enough money to pay labourers.

“All the window and so break up on the house and right now, I get blinds and when the rain fall it just wetting up us and everything destroyed in the house so we have to sleep on the ground…piece of the back wall open out and the front wall leaning in,” the distressed mother said.

Anyone willing to help the family can contact them on telephone number: 661 0761.

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