Corentyne mother reunited with one-month-old baby abducted by ex-husband                                                                                 


A devastated Berbice mother was reunited with her one-month-old baby girl on Tuesday after the child was abducted by her ex-husband.

Nalinie Sukhoo Singh, a 32-year-old unemployed woman of #72 Village, Corentyne, Berbice told police investigators that her ex-husband Satesh Jagnauth, a 28-year-old fisherman, assaulted her and took her baby away from her Monday night.

Singh said Jagnauth was out at sea fishing and returned after 14 days.

He visited her Monday night and was invited to hold the child but while doing so, an argument ensued between them.

Jagnauth, who at the time appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, put the child on a table and began beating Singh with a stick, after which he picked up the child and ran into some nearby bushes.

The woman reported the incident to Police at Springlands at about 20:56 hrs.

Police ranks made checks at his parent’s house, where his 66-year-old mother said she had not seen Jagnauth for weeks.

Further checks were made at his sister’s residence but this was also futile. Police also made checks in the No.72 backlands, but these were unsuccessful.

At about 8:30hrs Tuesday, ranks went to a house at No. 72 Village where they saw the suspect and the baby.

The suspect was seen running away with the baby, and the Police chased him. The baby was later found abandoned near a trench at No. 67 Village.

The baby was picked up in a conscious state and taken to the Skeldon Public Hospital. There, she was seen and examined by a Doctor on duty. The baby is presently under observation at the hospital with her mother, and her condition is stable.

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