Thirty ‘innovative, locally made’ urban eco-lodges for September opening


Built with 100 percent wood in less than three months and with the aim of attracting more tourism, the first-of-its-kind urban eco-lodges at Diamond, East Bank Demerara, are already fully booked and will be completed this weekend.

The eco-lodge centre comprises 30 modern, wooden houses.

These houses were constructed for the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and should be opened in the first week of September.

President Dr Irfaan Ali visited the site on Friday, where he was provided with an update of how the construction works are progressing.

“We are very pleased with the progress so far.

“In here is what we call a golf cart operation. It is walk ways and beautiful oasis kind of feeling…When you come in here, you will feel that you are in a real eco-lodge, eco-resort kind of operation,” Dr Ali said.

President Dr Irfaan Ali toured the site where he inspected ongoing works. (Photo: News Room/August 25,2023)

The project is being executed by DuraVilla Homes on two acres of lands.

The center will include a pool, a 100 percent local restaurant, parking as well as facilities to encourage occupants to exercise while in comfort.

This venture is also significant because it involves many women.

It is part of President Ali’s plan to get more women involved in Guyana’s development.

And Dr Ali said a similar project should be rolled out in the future and will see the involvement of 200 women.

“We just (did) this as a pilot. These were 120 women who individually owned maybe one or two million dollars. When they collectively came together maybe we have about 400 million dollars,” he said.

Menawhile, the venture also promotes the sustainable use of local timber and forest.

The eco-lodges are made out of 100 percent wood. (Photo: News Room/August 25, 2023)

“Apart from using forest products, we are actually trying to promote awareness on the forest itself. So what we are going to have here in the environment is trying to bring out some of our timber species to be among the houses,” Basmatee Mohabeer, a representative of the Guyana Forestry Commission, said.

She added, “Along the roadway will have some trees. We will try to keep it the same seizes are the eco-lodges so it’s within the setting”

Following the completion of the Caribbean Premier League, the houses will be available to anyone interested.

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