First-of-its-kind luxury condos at Ogle going on sale from December


Luxury condominiums, the first-of-its-kind in Guyana, will be constructed at Ogle on the East Coast of Demerara by Trican Developments Inc. and company representative, Sebastian Otway says pre-construction sales for a limited number of units will commence on December 1.

First, what’s a condominium?

A condominium- or a condo, as it is more commonly called- is a building divided into multiple units owned by exclusive occupants.

Last year, Guyana’s National Assembly passed new legislation, a modern Condominium Bill, to facilitate the development of condos in Guyana.

And Otway said Trican Developments, a Guyanese majority-owned company, is capitalising on the housing development drive in Guyana and wants to offer these condos that offer luxury and comfort – the best of both worlds.

“More people are able to enjoy all the amenities that we offer and less space is required.

“For the big city Georgetown is going to be in Guyana 2030, this is what we are trying to promote as the next generation solution,” Otway highlighted.

It is believed that this development is in keeping with the government’s vision for Guyana.

A side view of one of the twin luxury condos that will be constructed by Trican Developments Inc. (Photo: Trican Developments Inc.)

It’s not just a modern housing solution for Guyana. Otway emphasised that Trican Developments wants to bring luxury and comfort to occupants while paying homage to Guyana’s culture.

The condo development is called the Potaro Gardens by Trican.

Here, two massive condos, 10 stories each, will be developed at the Ogle space. The ‘twin towers’ are aptly named “Barima” and “Waini” just like the rivers that give Guyana’s Region One its official name.

Further, each floor is twisted and contoured to provide a penthouse feel, meaning there is no roof overhead. Residents will have access to the “Sky-yard,” providing a spectacular and unchallenged view of the night sky.

And the two towers are linked by a “floating” bridge that promises to provide a spectacular view of the courtyard.

There will be 103 condos in total and amenities for all residents are guaranteed.

Those amenities include a fitness and wellness centre; a pool; walking and jogging paths; a barbecue area; a courtyard; a children’s playing area; event space and a social lounge. A multi-rise parking structure will also be constructed so residents need not worry.

Trican Developments Inc. at the 2023 International Building Expo (Photo: News Room/ August 24, 2023)

Moreover, 24-hour smart security is promised across the condominium development. Next door, a massive office space named the Ayanganna Offices will also be constructed.

Otway emphasised that all residents get access to all of the developments.

Importantly, Trican Developments also tapped the services of the young developers of HD Design Studio, a business in Region Six. Emphasis was placed on utilising local content.

The base price for a unit is US$290,000 to more than US$1 million. Otway noted that pre-construction sales will commence by December 1, this year. It is expected that construction will start next year and be completed by 2026.

That’s not all.

The area where the condos are being built-Ogle- is rapidly developing.

The condos will join several new projects including the new AC Marriott Hotel, the new Ogle to Eccles four-lane highway and the government’s own housing scheme at Cummings Lodge.

And the same partnerships forged to develop these Trican condos will also develop a larger gated community nearby, featuring a combination of residential houses and condos outfitted with a myriad of amenities akin to what is being offered at the twin condos.

The company utilises modern technology to showcase its offerings in virtual reality. That and much more information on the company’s venture can be found on its website: 

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  1. habeeb says

    If this company building this twin condo in Guyana, why are they quoting prices in US $$$$ ?
    The Guyana $$$ is the currency in use. Do they expect the costs to be paid in US Dollars in the USA instead ?

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