Four bronze medals for Guyana at IMMAF Pan Am Championships


Guyana made it presence felt at the recently held International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) Pan American Championships, copping a total of four bronze medals at the event in Bogota, Colombia.

Ijaz Cave medalled in the Middleweight 83.9kg Class, Christopher James did same in the Heavyweight 120.2kg Class, Anevia Frank got on the podium in the Women Bantamweight 61.2kg Class and Shenese Bobb medalled in the Women Lightweight 70.3kg Class.

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In a congratulatory message, president of the Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Association Gavin Singh said the individual success of the athletes should be seen as a collective triumph for the country.

See below statement issued by the Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Association.

Guyana’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) scene is flourishing, marked by resounding success both inside and outside the cage.

The recent achievement of four bronze medals by Guyanese athletes at the IMMAF Pan American Championships serves as a testament to the remarkable growth of MMA in our nation.

Gavin Singh, President of the Guyana MMA Association, expressed his immense pride in the team’s remarkable feat, highlighting the undeniable spirit that propelled them to victory.

He emphasised the vital importance of continuous improvement and set the bar high with his aspirations for future gold medals.

Team captain Corwin D’Anjou’s unwavering determination and dedication to honing the team’s skills provide the driving force behind their potential for even greater triumphs.

Singh, acknowledging the significance of this achievement, extolled the invaluable contributions of the coaching staff and technical team. Their steadfast support played a pivotal role in this remarkable accomplishment.

The local federation is optimistic about the future of MMA in Guyana, confidently asserting that the sport’s landscape is glowing with promise, poised for further evolution.

“The four bronze medals won by Guyanese athletes at the IMMAF Pan American Championships are not merely individual accolades; they represent a collective triumph for Guyana. These extraordinary athletes have not only brought recognition to our beloved nation but have also ignited a fervor for MMA within our borders,” Singh passionately stated.

He continued, “Their unwavering dedication, combined with the exceptional guidance from their coaches, underscores the bright future of Guyanese MMA. With continued perseverance and unwavering commitment, these athletes are on a path to achieving their ultimate goal – clinching gold medals in future competitions. This will further solidify Guyana’s prominent presence on the international MMA stage.”

The IMMAF Pan American Championships have undeniably been a milestone in the journey of Guyanese MMA. As the sport continues to gain momentum and recognition, we stand united in celebrating the collective victory of our athletes, coaches, and the entire MMA community in Guyana.

Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Federation is the governing body for MMA in Guyana, dedicated to promoting the sport and nurturing local talent for international success. We work tirelessly to support the growth of MMA and its athletes, both on and off the cage.

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