Tony Blair says President Ali’s ‘One Guyana’ ideal crucial to Guyana’s success


Though the development of countries around the world is tricky given various global challenges, former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair is optimistic that Guyana can forge ahead with its development agenda.

And he believes that President Dr. Irfaan Ali’s “One Guyana” ideal is a crucial part of the country’s development.

Mr. Blair on Tuesday joined President Dr. Irfaan Ali for a conversation on Guyana’s forest and environmental conservation efforts. The conversation was hosted at the University of Guyana’s Turkeyen campus by the university’s Vice Chancellor Professor Paloma Mohamed- Martin.

Because Guyana wants to forge a low carbon development pathway, the conversation on the environment segued into talks about Guyana’s development generally.

Though he acknowledged that geopolitical issues and technological advancement will inadvertently affect Guyana’s development, Blair emphasised that Guyanese are ultimately responsible for the country’s development.

“You are still in charge of your own destiny. Countries succeed or countries fail usually because of themselves,” he contended.

As such, he encouraged the Irfaan Ali-led administration to remain inclusive and ensure that all Guyanese are able to meaningfully contribute to the country’s development.

“… that’s why the One Guyana thing is such an important concept.

“If you do that, believe me, you will succeed; believe me, no matter the geopolitics, no matter the technology revolution.

“Indeed in the end you can become a symbol and a signal to the rest of the world about how you can govern yourselves well and live better,” Mr. Blair said.

Since becoming President in August 2020, Dr. Ali has spoken of his “One Guyana” vision.

Through this vision, he said previously that he hopes to create a more equal society, guaranteeing that everyone is afforded the opportunity to lead productive and happy lives, as well as, reducing inequality in access to education, health, employment, income and justice.

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