Three boys from the St John’s Bosco Home excel at CSEC exams


Three boys from the St John’s Bosco Orphanage surpassed their expectations with outstanding performances at this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams.

Cicle Dookharan, Steve Kumar and Orin Smith sat the May/June exams with the support of their teachers at the Chase Academy and the sisters who manage the orphanage.

On Tuesday, the boys told the News Room that they started their academic journey together at the Trust College and then Critchlow Labour College before entering Chase Academy.

Though they had to overcome the change in schools, the boys received support in many ways. This support encouraged Kumar, 16, to consider becoming an environmental biologist rather than a fisherman, his first choice.

“My first career choice was to become a fisherman but then being here, I decided to take the science stream and go along with the environmental [field] because I am an animal lover,” Kumar said.

He wrote 11 subjects with Grade Two passes in Biology, Electronic Document Preparation and Management, English A and B, Human and Social Biology, Integrated Science, Physical Education and Grade Three passes in Mathematics, Physics, Principles of Business and Social Studies. He got a Grade Five in Spanish.

He is confident that he will be able to pursue his dreams.

Smith, 18, had dropped out of school and obtained training in electrical installation at the Mercy Wings before re-entering a secondary school.

He said because of how well he did at the institution, the sisters at the Orphanage believed he could succeed at CSEC.

Smith, like his brothers, also did a lot of self-studying. This is a common practice among them as they were aware that they had to catch up to the students in their class.

He attained a Grade One pass in Physical Education; Grade Two passes in Human and Social Biology, English A, Integrated Science; Grade Three passes in Biology, EDPM, Mathematics, Principles of Business and Social Studies. He got a Grade Four pass in Chemistry.

Proud of his accomplishments, he said “…it’s not where you come from, it’s where you’re going.”

He hopes to study law but is not ruling out science.

Meanwhile, Dookharan, 17, explained that transitioning from three schools during the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted their studies.

However, he said “Some teachers gave us some encouragement and I started to recognise to myself that I can do better no matter the position that I am in.”

He wrote nine subjects and attained a Grade One pass in Physical Education; Grade Two passes in EDPM, Human and Social Biology, Integrated Science; and Grade Three passes in Biology, Principles of Business; Grade Four passes in Mathematics and Social Studies.

“…at first I was nervous, but as a got my results, I became very excited. I know I can  accomplish anything,” Dookharan said.

The boys have studied together and encouraged each other to complete their studies with the hopes of pursuing tertiary education.

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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    My heartfelt congratulations go out to you boys for your outstanding performance. We are all proud of you. Your position in life did not prevent you from excelling. Keep on stepping. I also congratulate Sister Julie Matthews and teachers of the school for encouraging the students to move on in a positive manner.

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