Deadly De Hoop accident: Speeding driver crashed after overtaking another car


One of the drivers involved in the deadly De Hoop, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara, accident was reportedly speeding and crashed after he overtook another vehicle.

According to a statement from Police Headquarters, the accident occurred at about 18:35 hrs on the De Hoop, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara public rod.

The accident involved a motor car (#PMM 7104), driven by Kellon Jones, 33, of Fort Ordinance, East Canje, Berbice; and motor car (#PPP 4090), owned and driven by Chris Gonsalves, 26, of Cane Grove, East Coast Demerara.

Both drivers died in the accident.

Jason Rudder, 37, of Glasgow Housing Scheme and his daughter, Jamella, 11, were occupants in the car Jones was driving. They also died.

There were two survivors: Shelly Harry, 50, of Lot Fort Ordinance and Vikram Ramjawan, 21, of Besty Ground, East Canje.

Enquiries disclosed that Jones’ car was proceeding east along the northern side of the De Hoop public road, while Gonsalves was heading west along the southern side of the road. Gonsalves was reportedly speeding and overtook a motor car proceeding in the same direction.

Subsequently, his car ended up in the direct path of Jones’ car, resulting in a head-on collision.

Both drivers and the occupants received injuries. They were taken out of the two vehicles by public-spirited citizens. They were then taken to the Mahaicony Public Hospital, where Jones, both Rudders and Gonsalves were seen and examined by a doctor on duty and pronounced dead.

Meanwhile, Ramjawan was seen and examined by a doctor on duty, treated and sent away. Harry was, however, transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital because she fractured her right-side leg in the accident.

The bodies of the persons who died are at the Bailey’s Funeral Home awaiting post-mortem examinations. The investigation is ongoing.

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