Reckless road users: Police releases names of 100 persons with fastest speeding rates in last 3 months on New Eccles/Mandela Highway

There were over 10,000 speeding violations in the last three months and the Police Force has moved to release the names of 100 persons with the fastest speeding rate  as it moves to take strict action against reckless road users.
In an effort to curb the increase in road deaths caused by reckless driving, the Guyana Police Force has embarked on this new initiative, which will see more frequent and robust traffic enforcement exercises across Guyana. There will be zero tolerance for traffic offenders, and more persons will be placed before the courts once they break the Traffic Laws.
Following is a list of the top 100 offenders in the last 90 days:
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  1. Hazrat Shahid says

    I think should be banned for at least a month or the fines should be increase with every repeated offence, For Example 1st Ticket -5000,2nd 10000,3rd -15000 and so on. Also when vehicles are being parked at Rum Shops and club the plain police should be send to observe these individuals who are driving if they are above the limit arrest them same time before going on the road to drive. Another thing that is an eyesore on the road ways is vehicle parking along the road way no vehicles should be park and Contruction must be removed after 3 Days.. Also touts at Vreed-en-hoop Junction and Stelling should be arrested and also Parika and Tuschen.

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