More proprietors installing fire alarms, smoke detectors – Fire Chief 


With the construction boom in Guyana, the Guyana Fire Service is actively working to ensure that new buildings are equipped with fire prevention equipment and the country’s fire chief says many are complying.

“We have seen an increase of people lending support and buying in to the advice given by the fire department,” Fire Chief (ag) Gregory Wickham said in an interview with the News Room.

“So we have many buildings now who would have smoke detectors, sprinkler system, fire alarms and even extinguishers.

“So, yes, we have seen development taking place and those proprietors for most part, they are keeping with the recommendations of the fire department,” Wickham stated.

Wickham said there is a process in a place whereby the Guyana Fire Service is tasked with reviewing building plans and making recommendations on fire safety mechanisms.

This would see proprietors being required to install fire equipment such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and fire alarms.

Fire Chief (ag) Gregory Wickham

“When these structures are being established or built, there is a system where the Central Housing and Planning and (or the city engineer’s department) would forward those building plans to our department and our team of fire prevention officers would…make recommendations and requirements and then we have the owner of those properties install those pieces of equipment,” Wickham stated.

In addition, Wickham told the News Room that the Fire Service fleet is being enhanced to ensure they are equipped to respond to fires at high rise buildings.

This include, the recent acquisition of a bronto truck, which he said can be extended up to 130 feet.

The Fire Safety, Use and Occupancy section of the Building Code covers many other crucial aspects including fire safety during construction and demolition, access for disabled persons and special use and occupancy requirements.

Wickham is urging members of the public to install fire equipment and adhere to fire prevention mechanisms to avoid incidents of fire, which when occur can result in significant losses and in some instances, loss of lives.

“As a fire department is it our duty to ensure that persons are safe – to protect life and property from destruction of fire.”

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