PUC finalising Number Portability System


Access to telecommunication services that fit individual needs will become easier with the new number portability system that allows persons the luxury of switching phone services without changing their number.

The system is being tested and would be ready for implementation soon.

Chairperson of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Dela Britton, in an interview with the News Room, described the number portability system as a game changer which will improve the lives of consumers.

“If you are dissatisfied and another service provider is giving you an attractive offer you can move and migrate to that provider and retain your number because we understand that your telephone number is your identity…,” Britton said.

Guyana’s development expands beyond infrastructure, petroleum and food production with three telecommunications services dominating the market. Since the liberalisation of telecommunication in 2020, Britton said the sector has become more competitive.

The Public Service Commission Chairperson Dela Britton and the commission’s engineer, Nikita Somwaru (Photo: News Room/ September 8, 2023)

Anyone who has a telephone number may find this system extremely useful and efficient. For companies, they will have the option of changing addresses while maintaining the same contact information.

“It gives you the freedom of choice because you are seeking a better service. I think we all can appreciate the benefit of our telephones, mobile phones and the bottom line for every consumer is how do I save money with the optimal services and so that is what is beneficial,” Britton further explained.

Meanwhile Nikita Somwaru, the Commission’s engineer and overseer of the system, explained that there are challenges in moving to the implementation stage. These challenges are the technical difficulties with ensuring the configuration works. He explained that fixing technical errors and upgrading of the operator’s software had to be done.

The operators themselves had to work amongst themselves to conduct tests in ensuring that the ported numbers work.

Somwaru also explained the steps that must be taken for persons to port their number. He said that the change will require the consumer to contact the new network, make a request to be ‘ported’ and that network will forward the relevant information to the old operator which will then commence the confirmation process before the number is ported. Within 24 hrs of confirmation, the number will be ported.

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