Linden woman beaten to death by husband after argument over $500


A 53-year-old woman was on Wednesday brutally beaten to death during a misunderstanding and Police have since arrested her reputed husband who they has confessed to the crime.

Dead is Bibi Shirah Bhagpattie, 53 of Block 42 Amelia’s Ward, Linden.

The incident occurred about 16:30hrs.

Police said the woman’s husband, a 55-year-old farmer, was questioned by investigators and he has admitted to beating Bhagpattie during an argument over $500.

Police Headquarters said enquiries disclosed couple would normally argue and the suspect would frequently assault Bhagpattie.

At around 13:00hrs Tuesday, Police said the suspect related that he was home when he and Bhagpattie had a misunderstanding over claims that Bhagpattie had removed $500 from his pants pocket; he wanted to purchase alcohol with the money.

The suspect then confronted Bhagpattie and an argument ensued between them during which Bhagpattie allegedly “chucked” the suspect.

The suspect told the Police that this caused him to become annoyed and in a fit of rage he allegedly slapped and cuffed Bhagpattie to her face, causing her to receive injuries.

According to the Police, Bhagpattie then left the house and went to her relatives place where she informed them about what happened.

However, she later returned with the intension of moving out from the house.

But on Wednesday afternoon, Police said the suspect contacted one of Bhagpattie relatives and informed her that Bhagpattie was not moving.

This caused the relative to go to the couple’s house where she discovered Bhagpattie’s lifeless body wrapped in a towel.

An alarm was raised and the Police were summoned.

Bhagpattie’s body was examined and “black and blue” marks were seen to her face, which was swollen.

She was taken to the Mackenzie Hospital Complex where she was pronounced dead.

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  1. habeeb says

    Only $500.00 Guyana dollars- that’s how cheap this rum boogey thought of his wife’s life.
    Now, no more wife forever and prison time when convicted for murder, pre planned….for $500.00 (G).
    He just beat the crap out of the wife, TWICE.

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