President floats creation of ecotourism park at Batavia


President Dr. Irfaan Ali attended the Amerindian Heritage Month celebrations in Batavia, Region Seven (Cuyuni- Mazaruni) on Sunday and while there, he said a new ecotourism park could be established in the Indigenous community.

The Head of State said such an eco-friendly, ecotourism facility could be constructed with the help of the ‘Men on Mission’ initiative that he leads.

“That is a park that will demonstrate how you will enjoy leisure, how you can enjoy health tourism within the natural framework, within the heart of an eco-facility,” President Ali told the Batavia residents.

Beyond the establishment of this park in the community though, the President said he wants to see more Indigenous architecture mainstreamed especially in places like Georgetown, Guyana’s capital city.

President Dr. Irfaan Ali participated in the Amerindian Heritage Village celebrations at Batavia, Region Seven

Meanwhile, Dr. Ali also told the residents about the training and employment opportunities being offered by the government.

As has been stated by several government ministers at various events, Dr. Ali noted that any person desirous of becoming a nurse will be supported by the government. At the end of any training that an individual undergoes, a job will be guaranteed.

Dr. Ali also said that the government is hoping to recruit more teachers and guarantee that all teachers in Guyana are properly trained.

Batavia, a small community along the Cuyuni River, was selected as this year’s heritage village.

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