Miner arrested after ganja found in bag


Selwyn Barker, a miner of Laing Avenue, Georgetown, was arrested on Monday after Police Officers found 1,360.8 grammes (or about three pounds of marijuana) in his bag.

Police Headquarters reported that ranks were conducting a ‘stop and search’ exercise at the Bamia Check Point at about 13:30 hrs Monday when a route 72 motor bus (#BAD 9554) was stopped.

That bus was heading to Mahdia and had eight passengers, a porter and the driver inside.

The ranks told the driver and the passengers to exit the bus with their belongings. Each person complied except Barker who reportedly exited the bus without his belongings and ran to the eastern side of the highway, claiming that he had wanted to urinate.

The other passengers were searched but nothing illegal was found.

The ranks then searched the interior of the bus and found a bag on the floor in front of the third seat where Barker was seated.

By that time, the man returned to the bus and denied that the bag was his. The driver, however, informed the Police that Barker had entered the bus with that bag.

The bag was opened in Barker’s presence and Police found a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis inside.

The suspect was told of the offence committed and cautioned, but he did not say anything. He was then arrested and escorted to Mackenzie Police Station, along with the suspected cannabis.

When weighed, the cannabis amounted to 1,360.8 grammes. The suspected cannabis was then photographed, marked, sealed and lodged.

When further questioned by investigators, the suspect verbally admitted that the bag belonged to him. Police took statements from the driver and the other occupants of the bus. The suspect was also placed into Police custody, pending charges.

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