Venezuela not happy with U.S support for Guyana


A second statement was issued by Venezuela this Wednesday, in which the neigbhouring country continues to lay claims to Guyana’s Essequbo region and its oil-rich maritime space.

In the statement issued on Wednesday, Venezuela expressed anger at the support Guyana has received from the United States of America.

The first statement that rejected future oil exploration offshore Guyana was issued on Tuesday.

See the full statement issued by Venezuela on Wednesday below:

Venezuela rejects opportunistic and interfering position of the US on Guyana’s claims

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela rejects the opportunist and interventionist position expressed by the Department of State of the United States of America in relation to the claims of the Guyanese government, under the tutelage of the Exxon Mobil company, which aspires to ignore the legitimate rights of the Venezuelan people over its territory.

It is unusual that those who for 200 years invented a doctrine used to try to validate military interventions, invasions, coups d’état, impositions of illegal coercive measures, occupations and any type of interference, now try to justify this new attempt to strip Venezuela of its legitimate historical rights and, in turn, encourage a dangerous escalation of a controversy that has been addressed for years through diplomatic and peaceful mechanisms.

We alert the international community of US intentions to create, in our Peace Zone of Latin America and the Caribbean, a military base in the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, to turn that country into the spearhead of an aggression operation against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which would put the peace and stability of the entire region at risk.

The People and the Government of Venezuela, united in defense of the Homeland, will not give in or be intimidated by pressure, blackmail, or threats when it comes to defending the sacred homeland”.

The Sun of Venezuela is born in Essequibo!

Caracas, September 20, 2023

  1. Patricia Pierre says

    Are you jealous Nr. Maduro that we have America backing us? Do I detect trepidation in your words!. Just put what you have planned in action. I hope you do not regret it.

  2. Matthew says

    Dear Maduro, you have failed your people and cannot even manage the land and people you have. Like Putin your just a greedy sociopath.

  3. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    The Sun of Venezuela is born in Essequibo. Guyana’s Essequibo. You better pay us a monthly fee for it.

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