Cane Grove house destroyed by fire due to overheated transformer


A Cane Grove, East Coast Demerara (ECD) housed was destroyed in a fire early Monday morning after an electrical transformer in the house overheated.

The Guyana Fire Service (GFS) said they received a report of the fire at 03:10 hrs.

Immediately after, a water tender and crew attached to the Mahaica Fire station were dispatched to the scene.

When the Fire Service team arrived, the two-storey house, situated at Lot 74 Saywah Street, Cane Grove, Mahaica was engulfed in the fire.

The burnt remains of the house. (Photo: GFS/September 26, 2023)

“Firefighters went into action, and using one jet via an open water source, they extinguished the fire,” the GFS said.

The house was owned by 51-year-old Anita Deosarrian. She lived there with her family of three.

The building and its content were destroyed in the fire.

Firefighters at the scene of the fire. (Photo: GFS/September 26, 2023)

The Fire Service found that an electrical transformer overheated, causing the fire.

“The fire broke out after an electrical transformer overheated resulting in arcing and sparking.

“The transformer subsequently ignited and came into contact with nearby combustible materials,” the GFS said.

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  1. habeeb says

    Will the Electric Company (Govt. Owned) pay the house owner for her losses, just in case she did not have fire insurance protection ? That transformer is Govt. Property, right ?

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