NA driver who struck policeman and drove away slapped with several charges


A New Amsterdam man who is accused of intentionally hitting down a Police Constable and fleeing the scene was on Friday slapped with several charges and placed on a total of $145,000 bail.

Magistrate Renita Singh read the charges to Prince Sinclair of Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Berbice when he appeared at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court.

Sinclair was charged with four counts of dangerous driving, disorderly behaviour, maintenance of motor vehicle, conduct of driver, prohibition of tinted glass, speeding within 30 feet of a corner, wanton driving and failure to stop when directed by police in uniform.

He pleaded not guilty to all of the charges. Bail was granted on the condition that he lodges his passport.

The case was adjourned to October 27, 2023 when the trial is expected to commence.

The incident occurred around 12:30 hrs on Thursday on Main Street, New Amsterdam.

According to the Police, Constable Fredricks was on patrol duty with force motorcycle, CL 2610 when he observed motorcar, PLL 4242, which was parked close by, obstructing the free flow of traffic.

As such, Police said Constable Fredricks told Sinclair of the offence committed.

“The driver (Sinclair) got angry and started to use a series of expletives at the cop. The driver then entered his car, drove it towards the Police rank, and collided with his right foot. Constable Fredricks fell onto the car bonnet, and the driver continued to drive along Main Street and then onto Republic Road,” Police said.

Sinclair was subsequently arrested.

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  1. Derek de Souza says

    This is crazy.
    This driver driver has no respect for the law and if what’s stated is true he shoul be sent to jail forthwith.

    Please don’t have numerous delays on this matter

    Send a clear signal no one is above the law

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