Sand reportedly stolen from Berbice burial ground, tombs also missing


The Regional Democratic Council in Region Five and the Rosignol/Zeelust Neighbourhood Democratic Council are currently investigating the removal of sand from the Murphy Dam Cemetery by individuals.

Regional Vice Chairman Rion Peters told reporters that he received reports last evening of “individuals doing excavation works in the Murphy Dam Cemetery”.

When he visited Thursday morning, Peters was met by dissatisfied residents who complained that they could not locate the tombs of their loved ones who were buried there.

Peters said, “I myself am surprised that anybody would carry out an act in what we would consider a cemetery, the final resting place of our loved ones.”

The Vice Chairman stated that he has since engaged the NDC and they indicated that the area is identified under their plan as a cemetery

“I know the police are involved and I know this matter will be thoroughly investigated and as you can see materials were also excavated. One particular family is still searching for their loved ones and their claim is that it was excavated and they are not sure where the remains are.”

Peters said what has occurred is not something he can support and will ensure that the person responsible is dealt with accordingly. He also confirmed that the individual does not have a contract with the RDC but that he may be contracted by others.

A portion of the dug up cemetery

“I am not sure if the sand is being sold to private persons or contractors…”, he said.

Ivan Bacchus, of Stelling Road, West Coast Berbice disclosed that he was informed by his sister-in-law that his brother’s remains were dug up in the process.

It wasn’t until he visited the burial ground to attend a funeral that he realized he indeed could not find his brother’s remains.

“Father’s day he was buried, that man fresh fresh deh…da me small buddy…this is wrong thing they doing, how u go find back this man body…”, the man lamented.

Rajindra Vickram said last Saturday he was in the backdam when he noticed a hymac excavator digging out the sand.

“… dem a time people and then move out the sand and abay loved ones buried here. This is private people give this land.”

Meanwhile, Regional Commander Kurleigh Simon has since noted that the police were informed about the matter.

He said the NDC will have to determine what laws were violated since the property falls under the NDC before the police can commence an investigation.

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  1. habeeb says

    Now, I believe dem people practicing black magic or obeah or something.
    The sand is there, the bodies are missing.
    Add these two and what you mek of it.

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