Fire engulfs home of Regional Official at Queenstown


Tragedy struck the small village of Queenstown on the Essequibo Coast Thursday evening when the residence of  Councillor Verena Rasheed was consumed by flames.

Many persons are left in a state of distress.

The fire which broke out at about 19:35 prompted swift action from neighbours and local members of the Guyana Fire Service.

Eyewitnesses in the tight-knit community recounted the harrowing moments as the fire engulfed Councillor Rasheed’s home.

An investigation is underway as authorities work diligently to determine the origin of the blaze.

In the face of this terrifying ordeal, several villagers, who also happened to be members of the Guyana Fire Service, emerged as unsung heroes.

Andrew Haynes, Damion Fortune, Herel Greene, and Orvin Venture were among the first responders.

Clad in their firefighting gear, they arrived at the scene within a mere 10 minutes of the initial alarm raised, demonstrating their commitment to safeguarding their community.

Their swift response undoubtedly played a crucial role in containing the fire before it could cause more extensive damage.

The house engulfed in flames

The official fire truck arrived shortly after, around 19:50, further reinforcing the efforts to keep the fire under control.

The resilience and unity of Queenstown Village were evident during this calamity.

Rasheed’s husband, Azam Rasheed, along with other helpful villagers, took quick action to remove vehicles and tractors from the property, removing potential fuel sources form the fire.

Their collective efforts showcased the strength of this close-knit community in times of crisis.

Azam Rasheed is a well-known lumberer in the area.

The community, along with Rasheed and her family, will undoubtedly seek answers regarding the cause of the devastating blaze.

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